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Top 5 Performance Enhancers for Fitness

Five training techniques have been producing great results for our clients. Adding these tips that can produce remarkable results. Sleep is sometimes referred to as "the athlete's steroid," while proper hydration helps clients work-out harder and longer. Post-workout snacks start the process of repair and preparation for the next workout, while myofascial release/foam rolling can decrease delayed onset muscle soreness both acutely and chronically. Finally, selecting the best circadian time can increase performance by 10%.

Secret to Fitness is in the Bedroom – Sleep! or Sleep: The Athlete’s Steroid

Sleep has been called an athlete’s steroid. When our clients get enough sleep it improves reaction time, mood, performance, decreases fatigue, and they get a “bang on” work-out. Conversely, there is evidence that a lack of sleep signals the brain to eat, and decreases signals that we've eaten enough. Lack of sleep also increases cortisol, which makes us craving fatty foods. This compelling lecture will take you through the essentials of sleep health and how to counsel clients to improve their sleep. Learn how we can sleep our way to fat loss, improved fitness, and epic sports performance.

Training from the Ground Up: Youth Athletics – Lecture or Work-Shop

Training youth athletes is emerging as the next big thing in fitness/sports. Young athletes need safe and practical training to improve performance and fitness. This session is a must see for trainers who are looking at ways to make alternative streams of revenue, increase their facility's exposure, or to keep up-to-date with the latest training techniques for young athletes. Learn the proper training protocols for young athletes relating to strength, conditioning, and cardio. Take your personal or group training to the next level, and be the person who changes young athlete’s performance and enjoyment of exercise.

Are You Getting Hurt? Ergonomics for Fitness Pro's – Lecture or Work-Shop

Fitness professionals need to consider their own ergonomics and injury prevention when performing day-to-day job tasks in the gym. Bend, lift, project the voice, move equipment, assist clients, take on the emotions of clients, fitness pro’s do it all. After weeks, months, and years the movements can take their toll with chronic or acute injuries. This is especially important for the self-employed fitness pro. In this presentation, we will examine how ergonomic risk factors relate to fitness pros, and give recommendations for prevention.

Drink Up!! The Science of Hydration

There's more to hydration than "Copious and Clear." In this session we'll discuss how important hydration really is for fitness clients, high performance athletes, and for us fitness pro’s. Learn research about drinking fluids and reducing the risk of certain diseases, infections, kidney stones, and possibly some cancers. We will also discuss the efficacy and ingredients of the variety of fitness/sports drinks. We will discover functional fluids and learn that a fluid is a fluid including caffeinated beverages. Get a scientific and coaching view of how hydration is influenced by sport participation, activity level, climate, fluid taste, fluid color, and perspiration rate. Trainers will leave this session with renewed motivation to stay hydrated and understand it can improve performance and prevent poor health.

Metabolic Training: Do We Really Need Cardio?

Trainers and our clients are obsessed with Cardio. There is a perception that we have to do some kind of cardio training in order to make our training complete. But isn’t any kind of exercise a form of cardio training? Resistance training, for instance, could be called cardio because heart rate increases and we burn a lot of calories. Let Dr. Mike take you down a path of enlightenment to discover the benefits of non-traditional cardio training and the benefits of alternative forms of exercise.

Regular to Ripped: HIIT New Fat Burning Zone?

High Intensity Interval Training is more than just hard exercise. It may be the new fat burning zone!! Get the latest research on HIIT protocols that can be used for every client. Learn there is more to HIIT than Tabata. Walk away with cutting edge information on Trembley, Little, Tabata and seven other studies using HIIT, MITT, and LIIT. We will bring to light the current research-to-practice on fat loss, effect of EPOC, limiting factors of HIIT, and the most effective HIIT (MIIT and LIIT) programs.

Non-Traditional Resistance & Unstable Surfaces

It goes without saying, there's a multitude of different strength training philosophies, tools, and exercises you can use to get our clients to improve strength. Some are new and some have been around for a long time. This session takes a look at how you can use the latest research on nontraditional resistance training and unstable surfaces, and develop the best program that will get maximum gains for your clients.

Power of Protein: Re-emergence of an Essential Nutrient for Fat Loss

Protein is reemerging as an important nutrient in modern-day diets for helping with weight loss and weight management. Exciting research is emerging about the effect of protein consumption on weight loss, body composition, and satiety that can be translated into practice for counseling our clients. Eating protein increases satiety which leads to decreased appetite and reduced calorie intake. Increasing protein intake by small portions can lead to eating less and losing weight.

Artistic and Scientific: The New Era of Exercise Planning

This presentation is a must see for fitness professionals wanting to recharge their batteries for exercise prescription. In this inspiring presentation you will walk away with the latest research on alternative exercise prescriptions and you will be challenged to think outside the box relating to social concepts and personal motivators for exercise adherence. Motivation for fitness will be discussed relating to different fitness personalities. Training clients can be challenging (for client and trainer), and we need provide clients, and us, with motivated, and fresh work-outs using objective and subjective methods of exercise prescription.

HIIT Work-to-Rest Ratio: The Performance Puzzle

There are 7 variables in HIIT that can be modified: work intensity & duration, active or passive recovery & duration, type of exercise, & number of intervals. Is it work or rest that is most important when designing HIIT protocols for clients? HIIT protocols have a multitude of work to rest lengths and intensities with varying benefits, ie: burn more calories, improve V02, reduce skin folds. Join Dr. Mike for this stimulating lecture to explore and understand the different work to rest ratios.

Flab to Fab: A Woman’s Guide To Nutritional Fat Loss

Apply the newest research on nutrition and exercise to reduce body fat. How can we give straight forward nutrition advice to female clients for increasing metabolism and maximum fat reduction? How and why do women store fat and burn fat? How can we alter nutritional intake to maximize caloric expenditure before, during, and after exercise. How nutrient timing relates to intensity and duration of exercise. Metabolic and hormonal characteristics that factor in nutrition advice and prescribing exercise. Ten ways to increase metabolism and burn fat with nutrition and exercise.


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