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Functional Core Matrix

A matrix is a grid with each location in the grid containing information. Functional Core Matrix (FCMx) consists of 3D movements in the sagittal, transverse, and frontal planes. In sports, fitness, manual handling in industry (MH), and activities of daily living (ADL) our clients must be able to maintain balance, prevent injury, move efficiently, and have outstanding performances in athletics while moving in multiple plans of motion. This requires the core to stabilize, accelerate, decelerate, rotate, and aid in lifting. Nerves must innervate muscles to produce smooth coordinated movements and the fascia must move smoothly with muscles and joints. This session will explain injury, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and improving the efficiency of the back and core. There will be implementation of movements relating to fitness, sports, MA, ADL, and training the core in all planes of movement. Training will include stability on 1 and 2 feet, rotation and resisting rotation, acceleration-deceleration done horizontally and vertically. The movements will be enhanced with med balls, unstable surfaces, rubber resistance, and partner drills.

More Than Tabata: The Research to Practice Experience – Work-Shop, no equipment

Fitness professionals are bombarded with information about different types of HIIT work-outs: Tabata, High Intensity Interval Training, Tempo, Supramaximal interval training, and Medium Intensity Interval Training. But what does the research indicate as the best work-out for clients for maximum benefit for fitness, calorie burn, and fat loss? And how does the research apply to the application on the gym floor with clients? This work-shop will totally bridge the gap by having Mike Bracko present the 10 most interesting research studies on HIIT and MIIT training then conducting a practical work-out of the research training protocols.

Training from the Ground Up: Youth Athletics – Work-Shop, med balls, rubber resistance tubing, soft resistance balls

Training youth athletes is emerging as the next big thing in fitness/sports. Young athletes need safe and practical training for high levels of performance, fitness, and health. This session is a must see for trainers who are looking at ways to make alternative streams of revenue, increase their facility's exposure, or to keep up-to-date with the latest training techniques for young athletes. Learn the proper training protocols for young athletes relating to strength, conditioning, and cardio. Take your personal or group training to the next level, and be the person who changes young athlete’s performance and enjoyment of exercise.

Ultimate Back Exercises for Prevention & Performance - Work-Shop, BOSU’s, stability balls, med balls

Chock full of information, this intensive session will bring to light the current research on back injury and safe and effective exercises for the core. We will discuss the physical risk factors, the cause of back injury, and what can be done to strengthen the back and supporting musculature. We will also delve into the exercises that give maximum benefit to improve fitness and sports performance. Participants will take away 80 exercises for the back and core, complete with modifications for specific populations and those with physical limitations. You won't want to miss this session.

Body Leverage Training – Partner Drills for Fun and Fitness - Work-Shop or Work-Out, No equipment

Awaken a new dimension of training and fun as you explore the research and athletic movements of body leverage training using exclusively partner drills. Body leverage training has emerging as a popular work-out, but when done with a partner it adds a high energy and fun dimension to any class. You will walk away with the latest partner exercises for the upper body, core, and legs. Then dive deeper into periodization for body leverage training for enhanced strength, power, and endurance. Experience each exercise and feel the effect of perfect form and function.

Totally Vertical Core for Prevention and Performance - Work-Shop, equipment – Rubber resistance, Med Balls, Stability Balls, 1/person

The core is the foundation of movement and its strength and stability are a key to fitness and athletic performance, as well as injury prevention. The core is activated in all activities we perform, and since we perform most movements while standing, it’s important to do vertical core exercises. Come to this workshop to discover 30 versatile exercises for the core done on one foot and two. You want functional, it doesn’t get any more functional than this. Mike Bracko will also introduce the importance of pelvic stability in a core work-out.

Power Core for Sports & Fitness Performance – Work-Shop, equipment - rubber resistance tubes, med balls, heavy rubber resistance

All movement starts from the core in sports performance and powerful fitness movements. The core is the foundation of movement and its strength and stability are a key to fitness and athletic performance. The core is activated in all activities we perform, and a combination of vertical and horizontal exercises are key to development. You want high performance, this is it! Come to this workshop to learn 30+ versatile exercises for the core done on one/two feet & the floor, equipment & no equipment, and partners & individual.

Regular to Ripped: Body Weight Training for Power & Performance – Work-Shop, no equipment

Body weight training is a popular way to work-out with our clients, and when done individually and with a partner it adds high energy and fun to any class. You will walk away with the latest multi-joint and compound exercises for developing power and performance for the upper body, core, and legs. Experience each exercise and feel the effect of perfect form and function. Walk away with 30 exercises that can be used to get clients from regular to ripped.

Train Any Client, Anywhere, With Rubber Resistance

Rubber resistance is "the next big thing" for resistance training in fitness and sports performance. Explore the multitude of applications and examples for trainers to work with any client, anywhere with the many forms of rubber resistance. Come train with Dr. Mike to experience the most versatile and functional form of resistance training when we include periodized, vertical and horizontal, and functional movement training. This session will fill every need for trainers craving the science of rubber resistance followed by a rockin work-out. This session is a must see for trainers looking for tools to improve the work-outs of all clients.

Rubber Resistance for Sports and Fitness

Rubber resistance is being developed for all facets of the fitness and sports training industry. "Naked" rubber resistance as well as cloth covered resistance bands are becoming main stream in the sports strength and conditioning industry. Many data-based research studies show how athletes can improve their performance from tennis serve velocity to baseball pitchers reducing injury. Because of the multi-planar use of rubber resistance, it is perfectly suited to train athletes. In addition, rubber training can be used for resistance and over-speed training. The session is a must see for strength and conditioning coaches wanting to expand their training techniques for their clients.


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